With the big day drawing near, presents wrapped and your tree and wreaths up we begin to turn our attention to the Christmas table itself…

Even when time is short it’s easy and a most enjoyable task to create timeless elegance on your Christmas table….we recommend keeping table decorations small so they don’t interfere with eye contact and your conversation and making them all the same ensures they are easy on the eye and don’t steal the show. A vast vase of flowers has no place on the Christmas table as it will just need moving to make space for all the sumptuous food!

In our opinion, there is no need to buy expensive ready-made, mass market table decorations….Instead, keep small businesses in the game to get that one-off look or even better make it yourself!

Handmaking your very own table decorations is fun… use old jam jars layered with greenery from the garden or woods, wrap them with matching ribbons, fill them with sprigs of mistletoe or rosemary or pop a candle inside or if not… cheat and seek out small independent stores to give you the homemade look – even when it’s not!

Our Humble Country exhibitors know a thing or two about seeking out one-off pieces, handcrafting and re-purposing…meeting them at our fayres around the year is sure to give you inspiration and ideas…there is no better dinner party conversation than one centred around a story about where a particular item in your home actually came from! Let your home represent your character and your life and travels…

What colour palette will you choose for your table this year? You don’t always have to use the traditional Christmas red or green remember… We’ve seen pale pink tulips and greenery teamed up to work an absolute treat! And white is always a winner. Dare to be different. Tall, elegant tapered candles  are 100% on trend and are in every possible shade including metallic to match or complement your colour scheme…always light your candles as the flickering flame will reflect off everything and give your table and home a wonderful warm glow of Christmas cosiness.

Adding textures to your Christmas table adds a feeling of luxury and will give it that very special touch…ribbons & greenery around your (cotton or linen please!) napkins, a central table runner of contrasting colour to the cloth, fabric placemats even throws and furs on the chairs…all make for a Christmas table that wows and stands out from a table for any other day of the year.

Don’t forget your finishing touches…holly or mistletoe or whatever greenery from the garden goes best with your chosen colour palette – a large sprig of rosemary works beautifully as does sage adding a subtle aroma as your guests take their seats…

But most importantly, relax and enjoy the time around your table with family and friends!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas from all at Humble Country HQ x