Whilst it’s cold and grey on this June day, I’m thinking ahead to warmer times ahead and balmy evenings. All ideas for the home or garden come from a colour, texture, image, pattern or perhaps a memory. My thought process for when imagining what I wanted my garden space to look like was to gather objects that I loved, images that inspired me and colours that complimented each other and would sit well in their surroundings. I love sourcing unique pieces that tell a story and are not run of the mill; are a conversation starter and are on peoples ‘would love to have’ list! I think nearly every one of us at some point has seen a beautiful piece of furniture; a garden lantern; artwork or painting, kitchenware, a soft to touch throw, a striking cushion and coveted it, thinking ‘I love it, but where in my house will it go?’ The Humble Country team share this same ethos and we hope you will get the opportunity to experience this by visiting us at our forthcoming launch at BBC Countryfile Live. You’ll be able to shop from a carefully curated selection of exhibitors and see how to pull a whole look together, with ease. The marquee will truly be a source of inspiration!