What’s happened to summer? We’ve gone from a scorching few weeks to a deluge in a day! Time to stay indoors; keep dry; have a clear out; take stock of what furniture works and doesn’t work in your home! We outgrow furniture as we do clothes and we often change our style as time passes and the demands from ‘little people’ get less and less. Out with the plastic – yay!! I look around my home and always have a desire for a slight revamp of a room. It’s amazing how the introduction of a statement piece in a bold colour, can change the focus and breathe new life into a room. Very Vintage   @veryvintageshopuk   www.veryvintageshop.co.uk,  another one of our amazing exhibitors in the Humble Country marquee, BBC Countryfile live, cause me great distress in this regard – far too many gorgeous pieces to choose from! They love old antique furniture that is full of character and then bring it to life by painting it in the most amazing array of vibrant and classical colours. Some pieces are just perfect as they are and as such, left in their original state. Just when I think I’ve found the perfect Very Vintage piece, they add another and another and the list goes on! Come and see them and see how the introduction of that bold, unique piece of furniture can be the perfect addition to your home