Well, milder temperatures and rain have now replaced the cold front and snow – boo hoo, but there are buds popping through the soil and signs of spring are emerging – the times they are a changing- hooray! I can’t wait for the sun to put in an appearance and get out in the garden and have a good old tidy up. There’s nothing better than getting a sneak peak at what perhaps your garden will look like, later in the year when in full bloom. For me, I love white (unless flowers are available in grey?) in the garden – so clean and fresh and love mixing it up by planting in an old weathered and worn pot or galvanised bucket or planter. There are so many options these days – aren’t there….. Gone are the days when our choice of garden vessel was confined to brown plastic or ‘newly out of the mould’ terracotta pot – it’s now all about making your garden an extension of your home. I’ve just purchased a selection of wooden crates, which conveniently came with the name of my cottage already printed on them and my only decision now is whether I plant them up or utilise them in my already crate adorned kitchen! Well, you just can’t have too many storage options – mini cookbook bookcase, somewhere for all of my Bon Maman jars (!) , my lovely friend even uses them in her pantry to store all of her baking trays – they look fantastically rustic and organised. I have desires for a kitchen extension and big knock through into the kids playroom that is never used and so I dream of a mix of lovely wooden kitchen chairs in downpipe, shades of grey and even a pop of chartreuse to liven things up a little. Industrial type lighting, sumptuous, yet stylish sofas adorned with cushions in pops of colour – I need to break out a little! And French plates, bowls and linen – they do it so well. Not forgetting wood – you just can’t beat the natural beauty of it. That’s the order, better get to work then!

Think you can help fulfil my wishlist…don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always looking for new and interesting artisans and stockists to exhibit at our shows!