Can you believe it’s almost the end of the school year, where has the time gone – in fact where have the last 7 years gone?? Primary school almost done and BIG school is looming….It’s time to bulk buy the Kleenex and mop up the tears as we listen to yet another rendition of ABBA’s ‘Slipping Through My Fingers’. Large dark shades required at all times! How did this happen?  I’m not ready, they may or may not be ready – time moves on regardless! You can’t help but feel emotional. You look around the house and see the reminders of how they’ve grown – scribbled marks and etchings up the wall or door frame. But alas, room settings and tastes change, we move house, move on, and all of these wonderfully important family life milestones, are lost. I’m hugely relieved to therefore announce that the lovely @fletcherandmils  have solved this dilemma! The makers of Bespoke Height Chart Rulers, they offer a practical yet visually beautiful and personalised solution. Made in a distressed finish and hand painted, each piece of pine is a truly unique piece. The writing’s on the wall – pens are out, rulers are in! Come and meet this fantastically artistic team at the Humble Country marquee, at the forthcoming BBC Countryfile Live event 3-6th Aug. They produce a really beautiful selection of hand crafted wooden furniture & accessories, that would be a fantastic addition to any home.