To say I am a regular blogger is certainly not true! but there is no denying it’s a pretty useful outlet right now! A place to offer a little more detail on the snapshots from us on Instagram and perhaps give you more of an idea of who we are and even some I know use it as a spot where one can divulge a few secrets maybe!?

Anyhow, you will be pleased to know that you won’t find any mentions of Global pandemics or cold, wet Winter weather here! Not the merest mention of the grey skies, knee deep mud and economic state of the Country! No jokes about home schooling (this is so not a joking matter!!) So, what shall I be blogging about you ask? Humble Country news is all that’s on my agenda right now….I wanted to offer you a little refresh of where we are at, what we’re all about and where we’re going next!

Thanks for reading thus far and for following us on Instagram (we’re @humblecountryevents if you’re not already!) and do please have a browse around the website…it’s having a spruce up to start this new year! AND a fine new year it’s going to be too…eventually!

Humble Country will be 4 years old in March this coming year. Gulp! Like a lot of us, 2020 didn’t really count so we’re reliving that year all over again. Not literally you’ll be pleased to know but it was our year to ‘come of age’ but then things didn’t quite go to plan!
We have a number of wonderful Fayres planned for 2021 kicking off in Buckinghamshire in mid-June at the stunning Claydon Estate. The Home Counties are our home and it’s going to be immensely exciting to finally get to run our own first Fayre here in the heart of Bucks. Like so many events that were called off in 2020, it will be given its chance to shine finally in less than 6 months time. Exhibitors are signing up! and tickets are on sale! I’ll be keeping you posted on how it all unfolds over the coming weeks…it’s clearly all reliant on our freedom returning between now and then and we’ll of course be creating a Covid-safe event which we’re certain will provide a welcome outdoor shopping experience in the walled gardens at Claydon….and perhaps a first Summer social outing?? Won’t it just be the best…

Autumn and Winter will see us return to Oxfordshire and Hampton Court Palace respectively. Our Humble Country marquee will take centre stage again at Thame Food Festival at the end of September followed by our annual Humble Country Courtyard at the Palace in December. These two amazing Foody Festivals attract thousands of visitors every year and have made us the perfect partner with our line-up of small businesses popping up as the perfect shopping accompaniment!

New dates and venues are afoot (you have heard me mention before a dreamy place near Henley on Thames where we are super keen to stage a new FayreI) but we are also mindful that 2021 will also take the form of a recovery year. 2022 is going to be awesome but let’s not get ahead of ourselves hey!

My prediction is a positive one. As soon as we’re able, humans are going to want to be social again. In a safe way, but social. Smaller gatherings to begin with perhaps as confidence gradually seeps back into us. We’re going to want more than ever to meet friends, to shop, to browse stalls and meet small businesses face to face again. To soak up the sun and enjoy a coffee or glass of something refreshing in a stunning setting right? Look no further than a Humble Country Fayre for all of this and more!

We hope you’ll join us at our Fayres this year and just drop me a dm @humblecountryevents if you’d like to reach out and get a little more info on having a stand and popping up with us!

Catchup again in the Spring x