Crikey, time does fly – I’ve just been reading back to last years’ Spring Blog…so much has changed in a year and so much has happened!! I can also barely believe that there was indeed a February heatwave last year!!!! Do you remember it?? Doesn’t compare well with this years’ February weather…but enough said about that, we mustn’t be governed by the weather…so I overheard someone say!

Despite floods and endless rain (here I go again…!) the dafs are now appearing thick and fast here in Oxfordshire and the sun even made an appearance this week too…hopefully Spring is very much on its way…(crossing fingers!)

For Humble Country, we have so very much to look forward to… Heaps happening and all very, very exciting! We’re about to turn 3 years old for a start and that is most definitely something to celebrate….I may even bake a cake!!

Turning 3, having a large fistful of fabulously successful Fayres under our belt not to mention magazine articles written about us oh and enjoying the company of more than 2000 Instagram followers …its all wonderful! Makes me very proud that this little idea dreamt up around the kitchen table could indeed be turning into SOMETHING!!

So, the year ahead…our first fayre is in 15 weeks time (gulp!) at the very beautiful Claydon Estate in Buckinghamshire and (so far) SO GOOD. I am so thrilled with the response to this -our very own inaugural Humble Country Fayre and the uptake from exhibitors is amazing…thank you all for the wonderful support! Tickets went on sale this week so once again we hold our breath – people are now booking to come and visit (hooray!) and very soon we will have a Summer Fayre on our hands!! Exciting….it feels finally like what I set out to do 3 years ago is now actually happening!! Feels so good, but scary at the same time….

As the build-up to that first Fayre continues I will write again but for now, that’s it in a nutshell…After June (and a short lie down) I will continue to fondly juggle our now annual Humble Country appearances at both Thame Food Festival (in September) and Hampton Court Palace Festive Fayre (in December) which will nicely fill up the rest of my year along with our house build project, a new puppy and more ducks joining the menagerie at home!!! Oh it’s good to be busy right?…

Bring on the daffodils please, lambs in the fields and that old currant bun!!