Wood glorious wood!


There is something just absolutely wonderful about the natural beauty of wood. The blended subtle tones; the shape, feel, texture and the fact that it looks absolutely stunning in your home - each piece is unique. When I pass pieces such as these, I just can't help but reach out and touch them - there [...]

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Just Bliss….!


I feel like a child in a sweet shop! What an absolutely gorgeous array of goodies available from another of our fantastic exhibitors - Bliss Home & Vintage   www.bliss-home.co.uk   Bliss The striking pattern of this fabric, with it's neutral linen base and bold charcoal print would be a fantastic addition to your home. Isn't it [...]

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Fathers Day Inspiration!


Where has this year gone? We are already half way through June and Father's Day is just around the corner! The forecast for the coming week and indeed the big day on Sunday is beautifully warm - hooray for an early summer, shorts and flip-flops at the ready! Back to present pondering??? I wonder what [...]

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Where has summer gone?


Whilst it’s cold and grey on this June day, I’m thinking ahead to warmer times ahead and balmy evenings. All ideas for the home or garden come from a colour, texture, image, pattern or perhaps a memory. My thought process for when imagining what I wanted my garden space to look like was to gather [...]

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